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Castel del Monte

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Castel del Monte, Mysteries and Legends

UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site in 1996 and it is one of the best preserved medieval castles in Southern Italy. Whoever is travelling in Europe might have a picture of the fortress in its wallet, as Castel del Monte is depicted on the reverse of the Italian 1 €uro cent coin. The Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II built many castles in his beloved Puglia, but this one is definitely the most famous one.

Driving towards north through the Apulian countryside with its old olive trees and vineyards we will pass the outskirts of Andria and finally reach the hill where Castel del Monte is situated, which is visible from miles away. Your guide will then walk you inside the eight interconnected chambers of each one of the 2 storeys; from the terraces one can see miles away, easy to understand why it was a great strategic advantage during the Middle Ages, as you could see enemies approaching.

Learn of the many legends based on the castle’s features having to do with the number 8 including, an octagonal shape, an octagonal courtyard, 8 octagonal towers, 8 rooms at the ground floor and 8 rooms at the first floor. The shape, however, doesn't make it look like a castle, as it lacks the original elements that are necessary for proper defense: it has no ditches, no drawbridge, no basement, but very large, marble-covered rooms, worthy of a lavish royal residence.

Think about combining your tour of Castel del Monte with a visit of Trani.

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