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Matera & Sassi

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Matera & Sassi, The Passion, Walk on Mel Gibson's Footprints

Famous for its medieval Sassi district shaped like a butterfly and lying along the slopes of a deep ravine, Matera will take your breath away. What was considered as one of Southern Italy's examples of extreme poverty is now one of the most important cultural heritage areas. You will easily understand why such a unique settlement has been declared a World Heritage UNESCO sites and has been a natural setting for about 30 movies.

You’ll travel inland to reach Matera, just few miles beyond the border of Puglia region. Your tour guide will lead you through one of the 2 areas (Sasso Caveoso or Sasso Baresano) that make the timeless picturesque UNESCO Sassi District and tell you about the lifestyle of people living in humid one-room house/caves arranged around little yards, labyrinths of winding streets, rock churches, narrow lanes and staircases. Visit one of the typically furnished cave-dwelling and learn how some of the locals lived in these caves as recently as 1960s!

View the frescos of a rupestrian (of rock-cut) church, in the area there are about 155 stone churches, carved out of rock between the 8th and the 14th century. Shortly before leaving Matera, stop to a small hill opposite the town where you will experience the breathtaking panoramic view of the deep ravine where Mel Gibson shot the movie "The Passion of Christ".

Make your tour longer and combine the excursion of Matera with a visit to Alberobello.

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